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Birth Data:
Jan. 8 1935, 4:35 AM, Tupelo, MS (USA)

(data courtesy of TCR Software)

Elvis is a Capricorn with Sagittarius
Ascendant, and a gentle Pisces Moon.

January: The first part of the month
sees the Sun return to its natal position. When this happens, the Solar Return,
it gives an indication of the flavor that the year is going to have. While "deep
fried" might be a better term for a year like what’s up ahead, it looks
the King will have a Virgo Moon, loosely conjunct his midheaven for the year.
This is going to impart a purposeful sense to this year. It’s a time when he
will apply a little bit of that Virgo sensibility, rather than risibility, to
looking for a job change. Mars is also going to lend some energy to this idea
of a change of employment. It’s time for the King to put some energy into career
matters, and this is a theme for the rest of the year, as indicated by his Solar
Return. It’s also a big time for concerns for his appearance as Pluto makes
the first of several approaches to his Ascendant.

February: Pluto makes its closest
approach on this round to the King’s Ascendant. Going to make for some drastic
changes — I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find out that he’s changed
his wardrobe from Hawaiian shirts to a more somber black T-shirt and sports
jacket. This is further emphasized by the fact that there the eclipse of this
month hits his 3/10 axis. That eclipse happens at a very late degree of Aquarius,
and it’s guaranteed to set up some unstable energies with the car department
in his life. Time to consider a new car. Or, seeing as how he’s a Cap, a new,
old car. Perhaps one of those V-8 Fords that he always sings about. It’s not
until the end of this month that Pluto slows down in order to change his direction.
And Pluto is still in Sagittarius, still going kind of slow. Time to look at
the old closet and consider getting something new. And don’t let that Old Kentucky
Blue Moon get you down with this eclipse.

March: "I heard the news, there’s
a good rocking tonight!" That’s a simple message for this month because
the Sun passes over the lowest point in his chart at this time. The only drawback
might be the little Mercury thing coming up, but even that won’t upset the King
too much. It just heightens his chance of exposure because carefully constructed
plans seem to fall apart at this time. This is exacerbated in his chart by the
fact that Mars will begin its retrograde path in his 11th House, Mars does a
backward spin about once every two years, and it’s normal set of brakes on the
wheel of life. While this might slow a lot of us down some, it doesn’t look
like it has an adverse affect on the King. It’s just matter of dealing with
friends in a different way. A seance to resurrect the spirit of the Colonel
might be in order this month. It could be a big media event.

April: It’s a funny month because
it begins with more than the usual Fool for April First. There’s a nice Sun
and Jupiter conjunction. In the King’s chart, it occurs in his 4th House. Now,
Jupiter is the lucky star. And it always takes a little bit of a helping hand
from Lady Luck to get through the month of April. The outpour of mirth and merriment
quickly goes away for his Capricorn Sun is just as quickly squared by the Sun
as it moves along its prescribed path. This is a time when all Caps want to
stop and figure a few things out. Things like which way is really up, and what
do I really want to be doing? The fun of April First grinds to halt pretty fast.
There’s an added consideration in the King’s chart, towards the end of the month,
as Venus makes a fast pass into his 7th House. New romance? Old spark? Old flame
come back to visit? With Mars doing a rear guard motion, it’s likely to be the
old flame variety.

May: This year’s Mar’s Retrograde
is about to come to a halt, and it slows down, just about to turn around but
doesn’t quite make it. Almost but not quite. In the later part of the month,
Mars slides back into Libra and this will affect the King because his Saturn
is at a late degree of Aquarius. It’s easy to see a little comic relief here,
you know, when a material arts person attempts to break the stack of boards?
And fails miserably? That’s what happens under this stellar influence. I’m not
predicting a broken wrist, but he might not be able to do some of the activities
he used to pursue. In fact, anyone with a little Aquarius in them needs to be
careful right now. And that lovely Venus in the 7th House thing draws to a close
this month, too. Time to move on.

June: I don’t want to put ideas
in your head, or worry you about certain activities of this old guy, but the
King has a hot June coming right up. It doesn’t happen right away, but it does
get going, a little later in the month. There’s a New Moon at a late degree
of Gemini, and then the Moon, as soon as it gets done with the Sun conjunction,
it makes a respectable angle to Mars which is no longer retrograde at all. And
all this stuff is going to start something up, or make something happen, or
give the King impetus to forge ahead with a new relationship or partnership
because this is all happening in his 7th House. Bet it’s a new release of old
material, given his Capricorn sensibilities.

July: It really depends on your
location on the planet, but in most cases, actual Full Moon is over before this
month really starts. However, there will be some lingering affect of the Full
Moon to help kick off the month with a party like atmosphere. Hey, the King
didn’t get the handle, "The Memphis Flash" for no reason. And that’s
what this month starts out like, with a lot events occurring rather rapidly.
The heat of summer gets a brief respite with the New Moon, shortly before the
Ides of July. This is a time for someone to come through with some extra front
money for the King because this New Moon, while almost opposite his Capricorn
Sun, is in his 8th House. That sets a good tone for the rest of the month.

August: This is a month that will
be called by many different names, but I don’t think most of the names should
be printed in a family magazine, and I seriously doubt that the King would allow
this sort of language. There’s Venus retrograde in his 9th House, there’s a
minor Mercury Retrograde, and there’s an eclipse which does the worst damage,
and at the same time, allows for the most forward motion. Romance for the King
will be rocky at this time because because the both the eclipse and the Venus
Retrograde are opposite his Saturn. Means there’s an issue there which has been
left to fester for a long time, and this one looks like it involves strong women
in his life. Could be a problem, but you know, it’s one of those little things
that should have been taken care of years ago. That’s the delicate nature of
the Venus Retrograde.

September: The New Moon in early
September corrects all of August’s assorted astrological afflictions. While
this a chance for a some healing and restorative medications and ministrations
to take place, with Mars kicking up his heels in the King’s 12th House, I’m
not so sure that he’s going to be as restive as he should be. This Mars situation
is further enhanced, or made more irritable, by rolling past Pluto which might
bring a certain situation to a roiling boil. Then again, this might all just
pass as quickly because just as soon as Mars gets past Pluto, Mars passes the
King’s ascendant, and that’s when things get good. Some travel will be featured,
later in the month, brought about by Mars. Looks like a trip to the Father Land,
back to Tupelo.

October: Early in October, Jupiter
and Neptune square each other pretty good. This is pretty important to anyone
with planets at early fixed degrees, and the King has a little node right there.
What could be worse than having a gas giant sit on your node? How about two
gas giants? That’s what it looks like for him. However, this is a quick connection
this time, and those two drift into separate places pretty quick. And the end
of the month is a favorite time for people in hiding because they can dress
as themselves. That’s why the Mercury retrograde might not be such a bad time
for him to play like himself. And the King never really left, he’s been with
us all along.

November: This month holds an time
of regeneration as Mercury spends most of the month retrograde in Scorpio. This
path starts out in Sagittarius, but it quickly slides back into the Scorpion’s
sign. And that means the retrograde pattern for the King deals with matters
of his 12th House, matters of the subconscious. Time to rethink, retrench, and
rework some old material. There will be some new material from the King this
year, some forgotten recodings at Sun Studios, something deep and dark bubbling
up from a backwater that no one expects. It’s like the old "Hayride"
recodings, no available on CD. Of course, like a Mercury Retrograde, these "Hayride"
songs don’t offer good sound quality. This isn’t the beginning of the King’s
digital age, even though the Jupiter and Uranus Square this month might have
more symbolism for the rest of us.

December: There is a strange little
dichotomy that sets itself up every years in the King’s chart, around this time
of the year. The sun goes blazing its way across his ascendant, and this is
a like birthday to many. In fact, the good things which are supposed to happen
on a birthday usually really occur at this time. Then there’s also a little
problem wit the 12th House at this time, because the trailing edge of the planets
are still over yonder in his 12th House. On the one side of the coin, let’s
call it "heads," he’s a happy person right now, with a full year behind
him. On the other side of that coin, though,m it’s "tails," and he’s
still has some lingering insecurities nibbling away at his soul’s dark side.
It always works out by the time holidays get into full swing, it’s just the
getting there that can be a little tough. He finds himself wondering about mistakes,
perhaps dwelling on them too much at this time. As the days get shorter, though,
he really begins to shine. y Xmas time, he has a whole new attitude, one that
is bright enough to carry him into the next millennium.

Kramer Wetzel, 1998, 1999. Elvis is a trademark of Elvis Presley, etc.

About the author: Born and raised in East Texas, Kramer Wetzel, settled in a South Austin trailer park before trailer parks were cool. He now lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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