1999 overview

Give me some music; music, moody food
Of us that trade in love.

Cleopatra in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra Act II, scene v.

Year overview:

We’re going to start this year with Saturn making a final “sweeping up” gesture in Aries. And the two big guys, that would be Neptune and Uranus, are pretty firmly in the first part of Aquarius. There isn’t too much in the way of eclipse action this coming year, and that’s something to look forward to. And that lunar stuff occurs on a Leo/Aquarius axis. For the fixed signs, though, it will be a time to remember. Or a year to forget, but wait. There’s a Mars Retrograde, from Mid March until the end of May that’s going to have a lasting effect on Scorpio, as well as the other fixed signs. Stay tuned for individual updates on that little number. The first of several Mercury retrograde tirades happen about the same time, too. Fortunately, Mercury moves a lot faster than Mars, even when it’s rolling backwards in our sky. “Always check twice before throwing the truck in reverse,” is the sage advice at this time.

And then the next Mercury retrograde crops up about in July, leading into an annual Venus backspin. Jupiter joins them all moving in an easterly fashion starting in late August, and he stays like that through most of November.

The seven year, more or less, cycle of Neptune and Saturn is going to play havoc with our perceptions of reality as they tangle once in July and once in November, or so it looks like. Sometimes it’s hard to read the astrology fish finder to get accurate pictures, that far in advance.

Your year ahead:

Aries : If you have a lot of Aries in your chart, this is going to be the year that you do well. Therein lays the good news. The only problems we all have is that the year starts out kind of slow. Those old New Years’ resolutions just don’t get off to a good start at first. But towards the end of February, I would suggest looking to March First myself, about the time it is “unofficially” spring in Austin, things begin to warm up in your sign. By then, I’ll have the bass boat all cleaned up, and I’ll finally have the motor put back together. Couldn’t happen soon enough, either. It’s off to a good start with the Aries Fishing Season, perhaps a little early even, because Jupiter AND Venus come crawling into your sign at about the same time. This is going to give you a little kick, maybe even a big kick, like a professional wrestling body slam. What happens next? glad you asked. Act quickly because the accepted ruler of Aries is just fixin’ to do an interstellar about face. You’ve got a two week window before your month begins to get all your ducks in a row. Or, in my case, get that motor put back together. Venus warms you up, maybe a little bit before you’re really ready, but take her good spin, and put it to use for you. And remember, as Mars begins his pattern of ill-intent, you need to have the motor fully assembled before the Ides of March, or don’t plan on getting all the piece back together until much later in the spring. The rest of the year is a good one for you and money because of the Jupiter effect. I never ask for much, but if you’re going to win big, then this is the year, and all I’m asking for is one percent. And what Mars undoes at first gets a chance for much improvement because when the whole retrograde thing is over, he makes fast tracks to please you.

Taurus : Birthdays are always special times; however, I’m wondering just how my special Taurus friend will treat me when she catches wind of what is going on this birthday time. The preceding months and preceding retrogrades set a negative tone. It’s like having a fishing partner who complains before you get to the lake. Before the boat is ever in the water, your buddy is moaning about how luck seems to have abandoned you both. Be careful about those self-fulfilling prophecies. It’s just around the spring time that everything takes a little vacation, call it an early summer vacation.The long term influence this year is looking at Saturn, the old taskmaster himself because he wait for no one, and he’s going to be in your sign from around Valentine’s day right on through to the end of the century. In his case, it’s high time you make friends with “old man fate,” as some astrologers refer to him because he’s here for the duration. Go back and review the Saturn notes from last year, or maybe it was the year before. Take a look at the “work” issue at a time like this. This summer of 1999 is a warm up exercise for some of the celestial stuff “just fixing” to happen in the next year. Saturn is here first, like a scout, or riding point, and he promises great rewards for your hard work. July 4th brings a summer relief, but don’t forget about what’s up ahead. Jupiter peeks into your sign at this time, and there’s a wonderful Venus/Jupiter thing which promises you a Sagittarius rendezvous, at least briefly. A fire sign to help you enjoy the summer. After that, though, it’s back to Saturn and his strict role for the rest of the year.

Gemini : The nicest thing about being a Gemini is just that, you are a Gemini. and with a fair degree of Gemini in your chart, there are some good things which will be happening this year. The idea of romance, old loves and new loves, becomes a very prominent theme. Of course, the idea of old loves reminds me of a scene from a great fishing movie, the movie about that giant shark gobbling up people on the east coast. It’s the old flames that seem to behave like that big fish. Now, if you will recall, mankind always seems to triumph over the various exigencies foisted upon us by nature, and in that vein, you will eventually overcome this year. And although it is frowned upon by the Fish and Game Department, I still feel that you might want to consider using dynamite as one form of bait this year. The whole trick is to keep it from blowing up in your face. This is due to the way Mars behaves this year, first in Scorpio, then Retrograde, then on through the sign opposite you. So the culprit this year is Mars, and how you play with his energy is important. I know that you’ve been thinking about a new car, and yes, this is a year to get mobile again. Or get more mobile. Now, with this year long Martian influence, I would like to suggest that red is not the color you should pick for your new car. I know it has a certain zesty, sporty appeal, but I still think a more subdued color scheme for that new car, or bass boat, would be a better decision. Perhaps if you consult with a Taurus about the color, you’ll find yourself making a better vehicle decision in the coming year.

Cancer : There are big turning points in your career this year. And, despite some Astrological Stock Market indicators, you’re set for a good year, in the long run. The eclipse cycle does hit your earning potential in a pretty strange way, and that’s going to set the tone for the year ahead. Just about every Cancer wonders about that elusive quality, love. And yes, that takes a few punches this year, too, however, if you are willing to roll with these punches, I’m sure your love life will survive. What’s going to happen is that you get all caught up in a tug of war at one point this year, to me it looks like late summer, and rather than engaging in this tug of war, you’re going to be really tempted to just let it drop. In case you’re not familiar with the effect this has, let me explain. If you stop, let go of the rope, and just walk away, your former opponent falls over backwards, landing on his or her backside. It’s not a graceful exit for your former flame, now turned adversary. Of course, if this is merely a business situation, you will be tempted to squeal with glee. In either case, don’t gloat. It’s not a pretty sight and there’s the odd chance that the last Mercury Retrograde and ensuing holidays might find you wanting to pick up that rope again. It’s a little more difficult if you’ve burned some bridges, to borrow another metaphor. Careful about what you set fire to this year, because you might want to use it later. Of course, there are some of us who would appreciate the fact that you’ve set fire to some of this stuff, and we’ll be happy to show up with a brisket and some pork ribs for a good BBQ.

Leo : This year looks good for Leo, just no two ways about it. And lest you think that I’m merely pandering to the Leo sensibilities right now, then let me assure with some astrological data, that aforementioned eclipse cycle, along with Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius, over yonder on the opposite side of the zodiac from ya’ll all promises exciting changes. The July born Leo’s will spend a goodly portion of this year in a pleasant haze, induced, no doubt, by Neptune. Enjoy this sort of purple haze because it’s certainly time for the Leo’s to be enjoying themselves.. The other August Leo’s are not so fogged in, and might find something cutting through the haze enjoyed by the earlier ones. Whatever it is that comes slicing and dicing through your chart, at this time, promises to be new and exciting. As we all approach the millennium, realize that your stability might get a little shaken up, but the pattern of the planets, including Jupiter for most of the year, offers some good news. There’s something that your building towards, and it looks like it’s a year for “out with the bad, in with the good.” Unfortunately, this also includes, “out with the old, in with the new.” There’s got to be a good theme song for this, but I’ll let a special Leo come up with that tune. I dare say that no other sign can equal what sort of creative ideas are going to be born in Leo this year.

Virgo : One of the finest attributes for Virgo is the great attention to detail. And it is this very attention to detail that will get you through this coming year. It’s not a year without a few challenges, and your razor sharp Virgo brain will immediately assume that this means trouble. I feel like it means something different. A challenge to you is to come up with a new way of approaching problems. You have an innate sense about how to approach the same old troubles that you’ve seen, year after year. In this coming year, I trust that you are going to find a new way to solve old problems. Now, this works like a “to do” list, and as you tackle each problem, come up with a fresh answer, you will find that you can check all this stuff off your list — forever. As the millennium approaches, you can say good bye to some nagging difficulties for a long time. Doesn’t much matter what it is, but I was sort of hoping for some new lures. I’m serious, you know, there was guy in California last year, he came up with this new lure that works like a champ when it comes to reeling a record catch. It’s a combination of new and old technology, some plastic stuff, old fashioned wriggle action, and a new design that really, really works. The designer hasn’t answered my mail yet, but I’ll bet he’s a Virgo. Now, I know you can do something like this, this year. It’s your chance. Once you’ve got that new lure, it looks like the end of the year holds a record catch for you, real or imagined.

Libra : The Texas Lottery is an institution. I play it every time I get in South Texas because, statistically, it looks like that’s the best place to win. I know that no one in my own hometown has ever won, or so it seems. However, the gambling bug is going to grab you this year, and it won’t let go. I would attribute this to the fact that Mr. Jupiter is going to be “over yonder” in Aries for much of this year. While this can be good, it can also be a little weird at times. Maybe a warning like that, for a whole year’s forecast, isn’t the best way to phrase it. But I lack better terms. “A little weird” is the tone for this year. It might, at times, be a really strange, but I feel like you going to approach the big year 2000 thing with a certain degree of calm. You can see how there might, indeed, be a problem approaching, on the other Libra hand, it looks like this is already taken care of. Depends on what you want to do with it all. I’m sticking to my lucky lottery win prediction for you guys, though, because, at one time or another, this year holds a giant lucky break for it. And when that happens, the worst thing is going to be you stuck trying to make a decision about whether you want to take advantage of this break or not. The other influences are all kind of minor compared to this one. From careful examination of your chart for the coming year, I know you will get lucky at some point, in a big way. I just hope you remember who told you this first.

Scorpio : There’s this whole “Mars thing” going on what feels like all year in your sign. The Martian effect is exacerbated by the little eclipse pattern which isn’t going to sit too well with my fine Scorpio friends. Before you get upset, though, let me make one little suggestion, borrowing from another part of the sky: Taurus. They have Saturn over there, and that’s playing havoc with them. It’s also giving you a little bit of leverage to get what you want out of the miscreant planets. As the year slowly unfolds, be very aware of the Mars pattern in your chart. It’s going to hit you a little harder than any other sign. And the eclipses in February and August will rattle your teeth a little bit. It’s like me going against a professional linebacker. Maybe that’s not a good analogy after all. I can’t see me making it through that encounter without a few broken parts. Scorpio land will, at some point, feel like the earth is quaking, and the walls are crashing down on your head. But if you look at what a Scorpion can do, with its hard exoskeleton, you know you are a survivor. The whole year is not bleak, and those two eclipse months, August and February can hold a lot of fun. Just remember to use your hard shell to protect yourself. In fact, that shell is better refuge when everything feels like it is crushing you because the other Scorpio defense method is a big, bad stinger. What will happen, about the time it cools off in Texas, in the fall, around the Equinox, the Scorpio will emerge, like a Phoenix, from the ashes of your former self. The last third of the year is nothing but good times. Get ready for the party of the year, the decade, the century. You’re going to be star by then.

Sagittarius : The nice quality about a Sagittarius is the ability to see the big picture. And is this ever a year for looking at the big picture. Most accounting systems that I’m familiar with use a quarterly system. Instead of this way dividing a year into four parts, I prefer the academic method, Spring, Summer and Fall. And, to use this analogy a little further, let me suggest that you take a really light load for the spring semester. My personal favorite was this one class, and I’m sure that just about every undergraduate has taken this class, Human Sexuality. It was either an anthropology class, or maybe a division of the psychology department, but it was essentially a lecture hall filled with giggling students. Or, perhaps, a little “pottery for jocks” is a good choice. You will note that both suggestions are in the area of blow-off humanities classes. In theory, either of these classes will be extremely easy. And with Mars doing his thing in Scorpio, then back into Libra, a large class with a posted curriculum that is ever so easy will be a good idea for you this spring semester. It’s not a good time to tax yourself. Summer vacation should be just that, take it easy. Suddenly, as the Fall term begins, you find yourself in a position where you can meet, match, and master the more difficult classes. If you time it right, this is the best time for you. Jupiter, our benevolent ruler will be back tracking into Aries, then turning around again — just in time for Sagittarius birthdays. The Fall Semester is your best bet for a good finish.

Capricorn : In the older astrological and astronomical material, Saturn was associated with “Chronos,” the main guy in Greek mythology. Or one of the main guys in their pantheon of deities. And Saturn can be good, if you are willing to work. In the real world, most humans seem less than willing to put forth the dearth of effort required to realize a degree of gain, be that spiritual, emotional, or even just plain old monetary. I suggest that this year holds some exciting times for Capricorn, times that no one else has seen before. While it might be a little bit of a downer for some sign, due to the fluctuating influences of the minor planets, two big planets bring in a world of good for Capricorn. One of these planets is Saturn who spends the entire year in Taurus. It makes a triangle type of angle to you, and this is a good thing. Now, to move a little to the west, from the Greeks to the Romans, we encounter another main dude, only his name is Jupiter. And Jupiter is going to play with you for the next year, as well. Jupiter is in Aries for most of the year, and that makers a square to you. So while the one guy is delivering nothing but good news and rewards, the other guy is going to make you a tad bit uncomfortable. I would suggest that this is not the year you are going to actually win the lottery, but it wouldn’t be a bad time to realize a goal of financial stability. And looking at the big picture for your year, this is going to be an unstable time for a lot of folks. It looks like you are ready to jump right in when the chips are down, and it also looks like you are ready to make some good headway in the face of some serious oppostion. The enemies and problems will melt w`away as the year goes by. About the time you find yourself really getting ready for the Year 2000, you’re going to find that a lot of your troubles have eased.

Aquarius : There is a deity someplace, somewhere, and this overlord, god, goddess, whatever you choose to believe in, is having a mighty good laugh at you this year. Personally, I’ve always been amused that Valentine’s Day falls in the last part of Aquarius. Aquarius is a fine sign, one with a great deal of mental energy associated with it. But it’s not without a few drawbacks, too. And one of the biggest challenges in an average Aquarius life is romance. There’s a fallacy in that last statement because no Water Bearer is average. Each one is unique, just like every other Aquarius. But the sign, as whole, is going to get more than it’s fair share of weird stuff tossed at it this year. This is going to be an emotional year for the cool and rational Aquarius. Since it’s also the end of a century, you’re going to find yourself doing a little more inward, soul-searching type of thing than ever before. This sort of behavior might just coincide with the various little planets’ retrograde patterns, that would Mercury, Venus and Mars. To top it all off, next August looks like a time when it will either all come together, or fall apart. How this plays out in your individual chart is up to you, your partner, your new partner, or some sort of relationship that is, following your true nature, somewhat undefined as of yet. Going into the new year you’re sort of glad this mess is all undefined. As the year progresses, it develops an all new form. And yes, with Neptune and Uranus here for the duration, it is the age of Aquarius. Time to “shine on, you crazy diamond,” as the song goes.

Pisces : “I was born in a crossfire hurricane….” begins the song. And that’s what this year will feel like. You’re going to feel like singing a combination of old Delta Blues and working it up with a more modern beat. Being the good Pisces that you are, a drum machine might be in order. By the time this year is over, you will have figured out how to power that machine all by yourself. It’s a good year for examining what your values are, and rather than turn this into some sort of materialistic drivel, I would suggest that the larger issues in your life are demanding your attention this year. It’s a time to consider your p[lace in the world, what you value, and how to get the most out of what you have. Like any good Pisces, I’m sure that you’ve been given some very special gifts. Of these gifts, it is your ability to help people that needs some attention. It’s a good time to consider the old motto, “Do what you love, the money will follow,” but by invoking a self help book title, I might get you off on the wrong track. The idea is to seek what is ideal for you this year. Love, money, fame, or perhaps it’s a pilgrimage to a sacred spot. Graceland, of course, comes to mind immediately. Think about it.

(c) Kramer Wetzel, 1998, 1999

About the author: Born and raised in East Texas, Kramer Wetzel, settled in a South Austin trailer park before trailer parks were cool. He now lives in San Antonio, Texas.