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One of the common display ads piqued my interest, “Make thousands (of dollars) referring WordPress Hosting to us!” Sort of an affiliate ad to drive more affiliates to work for us (them). Here’s how that works: buy off a link, and whoever (whatever) hosts that link? They get commissions.

I am an affiliate. I’ve trimmed my suggestions to just products I know and use. When I saw that one ad, I was very much amused, “There’s a sucker born every minute…”


The cost, the price through that one company — due diligence? The main office and the primary data center is located on the Pac Rim, think: Indonesia. 70-90% of the business traffic is located within the continental US (and Canada).

That one company’s name popped up several times when I was researching hosts. Cool. However, subsequent research made them look less likely to respond, and maybe, English wasn’t the first language.

Problem? Only for me.

For high volume, but not quite ready for a dedicated box, installation? My current host has made me very happy. Excellent tools, good control, fast and secure, as near as I can tell. So far, my best move.

The deal is, it’s, like $20 a month. I’m also hosting a half-dozen sites, and on any day, several of those can do volume traffic.

Otherwise, I have no qualms about either of the two options, with my nod going to the Texas-based company, first, and the note that the other place, when I started with them, it was a NM office.


For a simple site, starter prices are very good, as little $3 a month or less, depends.

If I’m doing a WordPress Hosting set-up, offer still open, I found HostGator is quickest. Either is reliable, open choice. The higher-end, more expensive hosting is for higher traffic sites.

WordPress Hosting, the cost, over three years, runs $3/month. That other reseller was asking $25/every 3 months. Pays to check the math.

I have yet to make “1,000’s of dollars!” reselling — really affiliate — any hosting, but the few that I do handle? I’m happy to say they are all happy customers.

What’s fun, now? The analytics are in, and hosting can be costed out. Which explains narrow margins for some. Numbers don’t lie.

About the author: Born and raised in East Texas, Kramer Wetzel, settled in a South Austin trailer park before trailer parks were cool. He now lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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