There are days when the web is tired and stale. Nothing new, nothing raw and turbulent, the same old material, albeit polished and slick. For health reasons, and to keep the flavor alive, I started cooking and eating “paleo.”

Love it.

Still eating and shopping that way, too. While there are tons of books and sites, I stumbled across one, and every once in while, it’s really sharp.

It’s entries like this that give me hope for the future.

Realize, too, my fineprint covers most situations.

Very Unrelated:
Two counts of investigative journalism adopted from the web:

What they really look like? And?

Cavities are caused by agriculture.

Really? Supporting evidence for the pale way.

About the author: Born and raised in East Texas, Kramer Wetzel, settled in a South Austin trailer park before trailer parks were cool. He now lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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  • Sarah Smith Mar 4, 2013 @ 20:45

    Juli, in that entry you linked to, sounded quite pissed, I would assume, over comments she’s received. Good for her for speaking up!

    Not sure what the sex minx link had to do with anything.

    I think it just adds to the rationale for the paleo diet that pre-agricultural skulls have much better teeth than skulls from the time of grain harvesting and settlements. There is speculation that the specific bacteria came from rats attracted to the grain supplies.

    I’m not sure what the paleo diet is, but I eat fresh veggies and fruits, meat roasted with herbs or lightly pan fried, quinoa or other grain cooked from the raw grain. The occasional free range egg (here eggy, eggy, come to mama!) I’ve got a hankering now and again for sashimi, but it’s god-awful expensive.

    So, in 20 words or less, what IS paleo?

  • Kramer Wetzel Mar 4, 2013 @ 21:48

    From her style, I guessed she’s Aries. With a smidgen of Gemini. Detailed guess, never mind.

    “Paleo?” Eat like a caveman.

    I like to stick to grass-fed, local farm and ranch.