Two items today

Two items today.
Two points, both astrological, and one of them, at least, I thought would be good in a different form, but I just thought I’d hammer it out here.

More on Saturn:
Saturn has – basically – a 28-year orbit. Half of that is 14, and one quarter is 7. Ever heard of the “Seven Year Itch”? Oblique movie allusion, I’m sure.

I stumbled on a link and I loved the story. Real or imagined, it’s funny to me. Then I hit on the astrology association, happened after 7 years of marriage. There’s a hint there. Plus he bought new underwear.

I know nothing about the particulars behind the posting, but all I could think was, “Right on!”

(Guys – please note: don’t piss her off.)

Mercury and Mars:
I was tightening the strap on my sandals, carving a new hole in said strap, and cinching up the shoes for a long walk. I whipped out a trusty pocketknife with a long, slender locking blade. I punched the hole, the buckle wouldn’t buckle, so I punched it a little more, carved on it some more, finally, I worked the buckle into the new hole, my sandals were tighter and ready for long haul.

This left an extra flap of leather strap and using the same knife, I held the excess leather to my thumb, and I made to slice it off.

It’s a sharp knife. Not the sharpest, but with a fresh hone, it can feel razor-sharp. Cut through the tough leather like it was butter. Created a nice incision on the ball of my thumb, too.

The next day, while I was slipping into the now-tighter sandals, my index finger slipped, and my nail gouged a tiny scrap of flesh out of a knuckle.

I can easily suggest that an errant Mercury caused the problems. But that’s also a misrepresentation, too, since Mercury, in apparent retrograde motion, didn’t cause the problem, it was how I approached the problems, and that’s the real source of difficulty. In both cases, I was a little more sloppy than I should be. Mercury, Mars, or just me?



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